Welcome to Caroline4art

I am a multimedia artist and I work in 2D,
drawing and painting, as well as in 3D, glass,
glass jewelry and sculptural pieces.
I have been drawing and
painting for as long as I
remember. I just love doing
it, creating images in my
own way. During my journey
as an artist, I have changed
my subject matter, changed
my materials and slowly also
changed my way of looking
at the world around me.  
Now I am at a point that I
can create what I want how
I want and I am loving it!
Check out my time line on
the FineArts page, where I
have put a lot of my work
for you to see.
Happiness can be
created by what
others give to you
and you can give to
others.  Sometimes
it is just in what is
around you.

Glass is a wonderful
medium to express your
creativity. I fell in love
with it about ten  years
ago and can not pry
myself away from it.
What started as an
exploration in anything
glass has now expanded
into a full blown
creative venture. I make
all sorts from jewelry to
dinnerware, from clocks
to lamps to home decor.
All rights reserved.
Art Glass
This website is created to share my work with everyone and inform you
of newly created work, to let you know where I will be showing and
other kinds of news.  
Any use or replication of work shown on the site is strictly prohibited. If
you would like to use an image for non-profit reasons, you need to ask
permission from the artist. All work on the site is original and created by
Caroline Verhagen.  

Event schedule:

Next session glass classes start
early June

April 30-May 1
Arts Alive Festival
Mission Viejo

11 am - 5 pm
Norman P Murray center
Veterans Way, Mission Viejo

June 4 and 5
Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary
Mojeska Canyon Rd
Silverado, CA
10 am-4 pm

Interested in a class with   
friends and/or family? Want
to try a new medium to
express your creativity:
Inquire :